Odd Things in Bikaner

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Camel milk ice cream. Believe it or not, it’s the hot favourite in town. And this entire time you thought Bikaner was all about bhujia. Baby camels are black when they are born. I wandered into the Bikaner Camel Research … Continued

The Street Mavericks of Galle

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Galle is a colonial Fort in South Sri Lanka that was variously occupied by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British over several centuries. When you enter this walled city, it’s like you’ve wandered into a European neighbourhood circa 1900. … Continued

Odd Things in Ao Nang, Krabi

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Krabi Province in Thailand has a slogan of its own. It goes like this, “Krabi, the liveable city, friendly people.” Not very catchy. The Vikings came to Thailand! Or so claims Chief Tour Guide on the popular 4-Island Krabi Boat … Continued

Odd Things In Lucknow

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Lucknow folks are all incredibly fond of their chat. They will insist upon taking you to their favourite joint, frog march you to the front of the queue, ply you with aloo tiki and then look at you intently till … Continued

Odd Things in Bangkok

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7 Elevens. There are so many 7 Elevens. The city runs on enough jugaad to make you feel instantly at home. Late for a meeting- no problem- you can scoot through traffic on zippy motorbikes and reach office in record … Continued

Odd Things in Bhaktapur

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This is the cultural capital of Kathmandu Valley, so round the year they have celebrations and rituals, which are a whole lot of fun, sometimes unique and oftentimes downright bizaare. What you see below is an elaborate, two-hour long puja … Continued

Thou shalt not fret

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I love my family and I try really hard to avoid travelling with them. Travelling with family makes me question my love. To be fair- travelling with anyone will sooner or later cause some degree of chafing and mild resentment. But … Continued