We’re about travel.  We like to keep it broad and generic like that so that when we don’t know what to write about, we can write about anything, as long as we find a way to connect it to travel. For example, we can write about unicorns because they are mythological animals. Mythology is a big part of travel and you meet animals when you travel.


The only thing we’re particular about is our rule of exceptions.

Things we say no to:


  • Breathless Wonder.

We’re big fans of wonder. And we’re big fans of travel moments that take our breath away. But we’re realistic enough to know these are few and far in between and a perpetual state of breathless wonder is just plain annoying. So we tell it like it is. And we like to keep it real.


  • $Selling you stuff$

If we ever want to sell you anything, we’ll come right out and put a price tag on it. Until then, you’re safe.


  • Coarse, vulgar content.

It just puts everybody off. So be nice to random strangers you meet in the comments section.


You’re also probably wondering why this website keeps talking about itself in the Royal Plural and says things like ‘we’ and ‘our’, instead of “I” and “me”…. which is weird, because anyone who can see the name of the website can tell that it’s about this one person.




So, here’s the deal- we get a mini ego massage every time we call ourselves ‘we’ because it makes us feel like a bigger deal than we actually are.

And also, there are actually more than one persons involved in this website. These persons (aka minions) keep the cogs greased so that Ambika doesn’t trip up and fall. And since we’re generous and big-hearted, we like to make these folks feel included.


In fact, we’ve even given them a little corner to stick their photos.


Self-portrait of Minion #1




Self-portrait of Minion #2




Self-portrait of Minion #3




And since you’ve made it this far, here are some fun facts about the Main Contributor
 (aka Ambika).




  • Is not a stick figure (we feel the need to clarify this point in order to avoid wild conspiracy theories.)
Has a law degree and did time in an MNC (we want to skim over this part because we are told it was a dark phase.)
  • Quite likely has some sort of a personality disorder (no need to explain this bit given the persistent use of Plural Pronouns.)





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