Bee Life

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White collar professionals are like worker bees.




Clocking in the hours.


Day in. Day out.


Which is great for the rest of us, because they keep the world in shape.


But not for them because they stay trapped in their own little bubble.


That’s all they know.

That’s all they know how to bee.


Working tirelessly to gather honey.


That’s all they talk about.


In the larger scheme of things honey is important, of course, but they are so absorbed in gathering honey, they don’t see Life pass them by.


They are so caught up in the nitty gritty

the teeny-tiny




of their Bee Life



that they completely miss “LIFE”.


And just like worker bees, they’re a slave to money then they die.


The sad part is they never make time to marvel at the Workings of the Universe.




Are you living LIFE or BEE LIFE?




The Part Where We Link This To Travel So It Seems Like A Travel Related Post.


This one’s easy. Travel lets you live LIFE.





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