Folks are Made of Light

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I’ve never understood what people mean when they say a colourful personality.


As opposed to what?


Nobody has a monochrome personality.






Folks are made of all shades in the colour spectrum.



Some people hide their colours and display a very sober palette to the world.



While some flash their colours for all to see.



It’s just what we choose to project the most.



When white light passes through a filter, only the colour of the filter is seen coming out the other side.



Rest of the spectrum is not allowed to pass through.



Think of people as filters.


They contain all the colours of the rainbow, but only one colour is allowed to pass through and radiate to the world.


If you allow them all to pass through, well, basically that means you’re a pure white soul.


So the next time someone calls you a colourful personality *with a hint of derision*, graciously accept the compliment, and go back home and polish your halo.



The Part Where We Link This To Travel So It Seems Like A Travel Related Post.


Ugh. Wait, let me think.

Ok, here goes…

I’ve come across some of the nicest people on my journeys. Every time you travel, you step outside your comfort zone. When you meet “others”, you realise they’re just like you. Travel washes away our prejudices and biases. It’s one step towards becoming a pure white soul.

There you have it. Bingo!





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