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It could be a unicorn breeding ground or an alien spaceship-pad, whatever travel destination/secret/tip you think is worth sharing, we’d love to hear about it. We’re always sniffing out places to explore, especially ones that have managed to escape those darn listicles (This is a listicle example: “30 Destinations to See Before You’re 30”).

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We simply adore whimsy. And if it’s in verse- all the better! If you share our love of poesy, this one is for you. It’s simple- we’ll ask you a couple of questions and create a personalised, customised poem for any person, mood or occasion.

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If you’re game for fun, quirky travel, we’d love to brainstorm ideas, do the legwork and prepare a rough mini guidebook for your holiday. This includes hotel recommendations, travel details, ticket prices et al. We leave the reservations to you- if you’re cool enough to find us, we trust you’re cool enough to manage a bunch of online bookings. Plus, we’d like to avoid the icky money transfers.

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