Thoughts on Travel #2507

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Just off the top of my head- it’s exhausting.


There, that’s the first thing I think of when you say travel.


It’s a physically draining activity. You lug your mini world around on your back when you’re back-packing.


Now, if you travel fancy, it’s exhausting to unpack your suitcase every time you check-in. Because honestly, how can you survive the guilt of not letting your clothes live in that beautiful, back-lit wardrobe with the heavenly wooden hangers? And how can you not spread your toiletries all over the vanity because that’s the only time you’ll ever get so much counter space? That counts as a legit travel experience.


And if you’re any self-respecting, thrifty traveller, you’ll never swap overnight transport for a hotel night. Never. So that leaves you with a bigger budget for sight-seeing, but also with a sore back from bending at awkward angles all night trying to get some sleep.


And no matter who you are, your day starts early. Like super-early. Some outdoor experiences are time-sensitive. If you miss the morning light, that’s it. It’s gone.

So yes, I find travel incredibly exhausting.


Not to mention the run up to the big day; the shopping, the research, the bookings and what-not.


Phew! Chalk me up for a long vacation when I get back.





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