Trek to Morskie Oko

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Morskie Oko is Polish for “Eye of the Sea”, and it’s the largest lake in Poland, tucked away high up in the Tatras mountains.


You can take a day-long trek, but if you hitch a ride halfway there- on a horse-drawn sleigh- you’ll reach in just under three hours.



Off we go!



Of course, the sub zero temperature will make you wish you could just get air-lifted to the very top; right inside the cozy wooden inn with its crackling fireplace and steaming hot food.



Hiking in the snow is not very pleasant but the breath-taking views make it worthwhile. The hiking trail winds through forests of towering conifers, and snow-capped peaks.




And here’s the lake- frozen over in winter.



That’s not the only jaw-dropping sight.

There’s this masterful display of human evolution:



Now that’s the real flex.


And finally the toasty log-cabin cum restaurant. Such a relief for freezing-cold, starving hikers.



They have classic Polish staples. Lots of potatoes, lots of cheese, and lots of whipped cream.




Till the next hike.. so long!





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