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What’s it like to go up in a Hot Air Balloon? Well, it’s not exactly how I’d imagined it to be.


I thought it would be romantic and dreamy, maybe with some champagne thrown in. And it was- romantic and dreamy- in a way, without the champagne, ofcourse.

Before you get the wrong impression, let me quickly add- it was awesome! Just a little surprising. I mean, what did I expect? We couldn’t possibly fly with a bunch of helium balloons. I guess I just didn’t think about the mechanics too much.

And that was the first surprise: giant-ass fire!

Yup, live, hot-as-smokes, fire- roaring up in loud blasts. That sort of killed the dreamy vibe a bit, but hey- I’m not complaining.

At least it woke me up.



I had to wake up at 3 AM and ride for miles to the outskirts of town. It’s easier to fly the balloon when it’s still super-chilly in the early morning, plus, you can only do it in a wide open space. Imagine landing at a busy intersection.

So, I’m groggy, tired, and feel like I’m leaving for work in the morning.

But hey, I’m still excited to be going up in a cute little cane basket! Turns out it’s more like a sardine can.



Little crowded. And I get a seat awfully close to the (d)river? Typical.



Great, this is exactly like morning commute to the office. I’m more fascinated to watch him (d)rive than look outside.

Have you ever seen such shiny machinery? And all those knobs and dials? I feel it’s more sci-fi at this point than rom-com.

Ah well- but the ride was great. Lots of fun, lots of brilliant views.




The houses looked crazy small and the highways had toy cars zooming on them. It was awesome.



And by the end, it did feel straight out of a story-book. They had the tourists wrap up that huge balloon and pack it up in the trailer.








Just like Tom Sawyer white-washing the fence. Did someone say dreamy?






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