Upcycling Christchurch

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Here’s what DIY looks like when it’s done right: punting on the Avon! A great way to explore river Avon and the beautiful Christchurch Botanical Park.






It’s eco-friendly, incredibly romantic, and very atmospheric.



Olde-world style: there’s even a punter with a bowler hat and everything.




Gorgeous, up-cycled mid-century trams. They take you on a slow-paced tour of the city centre.



New Regent Street with its beautifully preserved Spanish Mission architecture, now houses upscale boutique stores.





No entry unless you’re on legs or a tram!




Gorgeous old beauties get a new lease of life.



Doubling up as a stunning art deco theatre.




Here’s a repurposed washing machine:



It’s a repurposed washing machine joke-box in a repurposed, dis-used parking lot.



Complete with a dance floor.



A groovy playlist, and kick-ass speakers.



Good job, Christchurch! Keep it rolling,





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