What I Saw in London Part 1

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  • Kate Moss has ridden the London Eye around 30 times. Celebrities and their quirks, I tell you. This London landmark truly reflects the cosmopolitan culture of the city. Its parts have been sourced from all over the world. Also, it was assembled horizontally over the Thames before being hauled up to its upright position- how cool is that?


  • The popular nursery rhyme ‘London Bridge is falling down’, doesn’t just have a nice ring to it, it has roots in history. The London Bridge has, at various times, been destroyed by fire, demolished by humans and crumbled due to ice damage.
  • There are sea horses in the Thames. I just find that fascinating.
  • This structure at the Greenwich Pier is actually an entrance to an underground tunnel that burrows under the river and opens at the opposite bank of the Thames.

  • What d’you know? Right in the middle of swanky South Bank is this old-fashioned, gaily-coloured, straight-out-of-a-carnival carousel. Its only concession to the 21st century is the 3,000 environmentally friendly LED bulbs that light it up.


  • I love London pubs but I like their names better. One watering hole next to the battle-scarred Tower of London is named, ‘Hung, Drawn and Quartered’.

A salad bar chain is called Slug & Lettuce. Delightful.

  • The bright blue Waterloo station is Britain’s busiest with trains that travel as far off as Moscow. It originally hosted the Eurostar that arrived from France, till one French parliamentarian pointed out that it was humiliating beyond belief for French travellers to be reminded of their ignominious defeat every time they alighted in London and a diplomatic proposal was made to rename the station. As events unfolded, the station’s name remained unchanged and the Eurostar now operates from a different station.
  • Bubble for ten, please. That’s right- giant, transparent bubbles on the banks of the Thames are the latest dining fad.

  • You can’t visit Piccadilly Circus and not go to m&m’s Candy World- they have giant, glass candy dispensers. There’s a nozzle at the bottom and you have to pull it to fill your plastic baggie with candy. Sweet.

You can choose your colour.

And then they have different mixes- like Christmas and Unicorn and Chilli Nut and London mix!


Ooh, and there’s candy merchandise like m&m flavor lip balm. The first time I visited m&m’s flagship store was almost a decade ago in Times Square, New York. You can imagine I went bananas when I saw the London one.


Now I’m on a candy pilgrimage to visit every Candy World in the world. Yay- Candy!



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