You don’t Have to be Perfect

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The hardest thing to deal with is to face the reality that you suck at your craft. Most artistes take immense pride in their work. They would rather not create than create something mediocre.


Which is why most of them never get started in the first place; it’s a mixture of pride and ego; and gut-wrenching, trembling vulnerability.


What you treasure the most, you guard most fiercely.


When you start out, you’re really quite awful. But everyone sucks at the beginning.


It’s practice that makes perfect.


You can’t compare yourself at the ugly duckling stage, with all the swans gliding gracefully, not once breaking a sweat.


Man, that’s so cool. *That’s what I want to be*


And yes, you’ll get there. Just give it time.


Just don’t take shortcuts. And settle in for the ride.


Give it time.


And don’t beat yourself up while you’re on the way. Put in the hours and leave it at that.


If you set unrealistic standards, you’ll find yourself locked in an agonizing conflict of wanting to commit to your craft versus the terror of falling short.


That’s painful.


Even more painful than the awkward stage of finding your sea legs and becoming a pro.


The real challenge is to swallow that big lump of pride in your throat and grin and bear it through the phase that you are less than perfect.


You think it’s heartbreaking that you are not perfect to begin with. But it’s more heartbreaking if you give up before you start.


Don’t let true love slip through your fingers. No matter how terrified you are.


Because here’s the thing: the things we deeply love never really go away. You can sweep them under the carpet, bury them in sand, tear them up and flush ‘em down the toilet but they have an annoying habit of popping up when you least expect them.


They sneak up on you in your unguarded moments. Whisper in your ear. Haunt your living reality.


The only way to stop the torment is to go through with it. No matter how scary or embarrassing.


The alternative is to live with the regret that you didn’t make your shot when you had the chance.


Some make half-hearted attempts. Some go all in. Others simply stand on the sidelines and gaze with unspeakable longing. While still others juggle options as long as they can.


We are all striking these bargains- working with what we have and what we want to do.


Calculating resources and calculating risk. How far will can we go before we cut our losses? How far will we drive before we call it quits?


True love is not easy. It’s not for the faint hearted. But for those who stay the course, it’s worth it.



The Part Where We Link This To Travel So It Seems Like A Travel Related Post.


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